Trump may just quit!

Losing an election is not in his character

26 JUNE 2020

We are now in June, five months away from the November election with things going from bad to worse, and with Trump digging in deeper and louder. The Republicans are getting frantic as they are paralyzed with no backup plan and no leadership independent of Trump’s influence. Trump is not the kind of leader to go down with the ship and losing an election is not an option in his character. So, the only way not to lose the election is to not run so that he can rightfully claim later that he never lost an election.

Snake eyes election?

How to quit looking like a winner?

Take the high ground by claiming that the election is rigged. That’s how you quit a losing game, this way you don’t lose. He has already started that with claims that mail-in ballots are a fraud, next will come claims about ghost and dead voters or anything that could somehow add ammunition and fire to his claim. He will pile on Twitter messages about fraud and rigging no matter how outlandish they may be, well into the summer and then call for investigations and hearings in the fall, setting the stage to walk away shortly before the election to make sure that the Republicans do not have enough time to build a campaign for whoever will run in his place so that the election is a landslide for the Democrats, because the bigger the loss, the more credible his claim of fraud becomes. Would he have any qualms of sinking the Republican party to enhance his claim? Without a doubt, he has never run as a Republican, he is and always was Trump. That he landed on the Republican camp back then was merely a convenience. In the same way as he courted the Evangelical lobby because they could deliver votes, it does not matter as he is neither into politics or religion. It is whatever works for him at that time and right now, neither the Republicans nor the conservative lobby can deliver the election for him, so they are no longer a consideration.

Telltale signs

While Trump’s misleading and blatantly false messages, mainly on Twitter, have become a daily tradition, the tone has sharply risen as the COVID-19 crisis worsen in the US. Why would he do that? There is no voting gain to be had, who is not a Trump supporter is not going to become one by becoming more incendiary and divisive. There is only a downside, with some of his supporters being directly affected by the crisis, other supporters becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the divisive rhetoric, and many others disillusioned and worried about their future.

Lately, mid-June, a few Republican politicians are leaving the sinking ship while many others are wondering how to distance themselves from this mess. The Senate race is now at risk with 23 Republican and 12 Democrat seats up this November. As of April 24, the Washington Post called 8 Republican and 2 Democrat seats as being at risk [1]. By June, major news media are predicting up to 10 Republican seats at risk and 1 Democrat with possibly more coming into doubt as the COVID-19 crisis is far from receding and the time is getting shorter to the November election.

Is there another nefarious purpose?

One cannot help to wonder if there is a hidden agenda or a nefarious purpose being served with the divisive and incendiary language that has become so extreme that Twitter has begun to tag some of Trump’s tweets. There has also been a rush of late to replace career bureaucrats in key government positions with people whose main distinction is their allegiance to Trump rather than their professional aptitude for these positions.

It is somewhat late for anything significant to happen before the November election, so a hidden agenda, if there is one, could be targeting the post-Trump era when the Democrats are likely to be in control of both the executive and the legislative branches of government. The Democrats may find themselves in trouble dealing with more problems and consequences from the previous administration than they can handle in the early part of 2021. People are going to expect laws, regulations, and executive orders to get fixed as soon as the next President gets sworn in and the new Congress gets to work. Yet, it will take time to restore some normalcy and rebuild foreign relations among other things. How patient will the people be?


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